Klen Touch - Herbal floor disinfectant

Herbal floor disinfectant is an eco-friendly product developed from 100% herbal extracts. The product finds extensive use as a disinfectant across households, hospitals, colleges, shopping malls, corporate sectors etc. The product which is completely herbal comes in three fragrances namely Lemongrass, Sandalwood and Lavender. The product has been tested in certified labs and is found to be effective in fighting foul odour while keeping mosquitoes, houseflies, cockroaches and other insects at bay.

Klensil - Utensil wash liquid

Utensil wash liquid as the name suggests is a very good degreaser and stain remover when used on utensils. The product is of neutral pH and low viscosity making it soft on the hands while being tough on stains. The product comes in a pleasant lemon fragrance. The product has been tested for antibacterial action, foaming and scrubbing properties apart from several others and is found to be within standard specifications. Usage of this product is likely to leave behind a pleasant fragrance and sparkling effect on the utensils.

SPARKLE - Car and Bike wash liquid

Sparkle is an effective wash liquid used in cleaning all types of automobiles. It is a phosphate free product which generates less foam as a result of which water usage is less and less time consuming in cleaning.

  • Removes tough dirt and road grime
  • Safe to use on all paint surfaces
  • Effective with both hard and soft water while being gentle on hands
  • Having neutral pH comes with an "Easy to Rinse Off" foam formula and leaves the wax /polish intact

  • STAIN FOE - Hard water stain remover

    Stain Foe removes hard water stains and dirt without damaging the surface. Stain Foe is ideal for Steel Taps, steel railings, ceramic surfaces, stainless steel tubs and shower panels. It helps regain lost shine.

  • Removes hard stains
  • Removes tough dirt
  • Brings back lost shine
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